WEARABLE TECH FOR KIDS That Won’t Break Your Bank

You don’t have to give your kid a new expensive table or an Apple iWatch in order to get them into the wearable tech game. We’ve found a number of fun items that will entertain, protect or both.

LG GizmoPal2


Don’t think your child is old enough for a smartphone, but want to give them a way to stay connected to you when they’re out and about? The LG GizmoPal2 is a handy item that’s easy enough for young kids to use. This customizable, kid-friendly smartwatch holds up to 4 preprogrammed contacts on it and is designed to work with just the push of a button. Hear and speak with your young one at a moment’s notice, set GPS boundaries and check in on their whereabouts with the included app, and change the volume and sounds to an appropriate or fun level.

Skechers Game Kick 2


The Game Kick 2 from Skechers updated their theme from the last version’s Simon-esque game to a ‘whack-a-mole’ style one this time around that has kids follow the light. While not available until June of 2016, the Game Kick 2 is sure to delight youngsters once they get their feet on them … or them on their feet. While the boys shoes come light up fighter planes, the girls shoes feature smiling fruit. Both pairs come with sound, which all parents will be glad to know is mutable.

Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt


The Electronic Rock Guitar Shrit from ThinkGeek may not for the smallest kid in your house, but it’s definitely for the bigger ones (including your husband). Kids young and old can rock out with this cool shirt that comes with a built-in electric guitar across the midsection. Thanks to a song book and a mini-amp that clips to a belt, your young (or old) rocker can jam along with some of their favorite ax gods.

Giant Robot Slippers


Giant Robot Slippers. Need we say more? We do? Okay. How about: Giant Robot Slippers with sound! There! Now we got ya! ThinkGeek’s cool footwear will have your young one walking and talking like a robot wherever they go. Best of all the boots make a Vrrr-vvrr Clank sound with every stomp of the foot.Super comfortable and totally fun for all.

8-Bit Dynamic Life Pin Set


Yep, another great item from ThinkGeek. This cute little pin set is perfect for the little girl who misses her favorite person or pet while she’s away at school. Have her wear one on her shirt or dress and leave the other with her significant other.  Both pins will blink only one heart when alone, but when together…. Blink blink blink blink blink blink. All six hearts light up upon contact! It’s super cute and super simple.

Misfit Wearables Flash


Do you have a young athlete in training who loves exercise or stats or exercise stats? Then get them the super affordable Misfit Wearables Flash. It costs only $30—far cheaper than any iWatch—and is super comfortable and more importantly, durable. It’s also waterproof. The Flash tracks activities such as walking, running, biking and dance and turns the data into easy to understand charts that can be accessed through your smartphone and the accompanying app spy for cell phone. Steps, calories, distance and even sleep, the iOS and Android compatible device measures it all.